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Free Animated Lower Thirds with Dockable Control Panel v.1.6


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In your screenshot you have only the first line filled in with "William." I think you might need to enter text in both lines for it to work. Also, it doesn't appear that you have put it in a memory slot (all of them are still black). The way this works is sort of bass-ackwards: you enter the text you want in the first and second lines, and then you click one of the memory slots to assign it to that slot. Think of it as clicking "Save." Could you also expand the time options at the bottom of the LT before taking the screenshot? There is a padlock icon there that needs to be in the unlocked state for things to work right, at least in my setup.
Thank you so much!!!
I have been working on this all day long, watching a dozen YouTube videos and going through the forums. I thought this was a 28.0.1 new version problem but it was the fact I didn't fill in all the text boxes and put them into memory.
Sheesh, now I can die happily.


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Lower Thirds are not working on OBS 28 to me. Basically to let them show up I have to unselect them, and the finished LT appears on screen with no in-out animation whatsoever though. Anyone else has this issue?


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Hi, is there any way to link this to a text file, so for instance it says Latest Follower then the name of the follower from a txt file? thanks