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So I have a couple of animated, looped gifs that I use as overlays for various scenes and they've been working great in regular OBS but when I tried adding them to OBS MP I ran into an issue where it skips frames.

For instance I have an overlay where it starts out transparent and then a bar rolls out from the side of the screen and a "You're now watching..." text fades onto it, stays for 6 seconds, then the text fades away and the bar rolls back and disappears.
However, when I add it in OBS MP it skips the transparent frame in the beginning and stays on the first frame with an opaque element, then the bar rolls out, shows the text for like 0.2 seconds, then show the empty bar for 6 seconds with no text and then continue to roll the bar back, settling on the first opaque frame again.

Here's what it looks like in OBS: https://youtu.be/H-z9KoQRX1s
And here's what it looks like in OBS MP: https://youtu.be/EdpIWgQp0S4

If I uncheck the "loop" option (which for some reason I have to check even though the gif is looped already) then it appears to be skipping other frames but it still skips them.

I don't think the log files show anything about the gif playback, but here they are anyway: https://gist.github.com/8d80c2365e2538dab270

[edit] Here's the gif btw: http://i.imgur.com/ih3IdHJ.gif [/edit]

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and keep up the good work!


Will do some investigation on how it should render versus how it actually is rendering. If necessary I might just add a tiny animated gif library to the image source to reduce issues with animated gifs.


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I am having the same problem. Here's my latest log. There is a note in there about invalid audio buffer. I tried different settings here with no change.
Latest log:

Update: I've done some testing and decided to try adding the .gif as Media Source, but instead of checking local file, I just added the path to my .gif manually on the Input line and on the Input Format line I put ".gif."

Good news first: The animation played flawlessly with no skipping.
Bad news: It doesn't loop. Even when the .gif has been formatted to loop.
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