Question / Help AMD Ryzen 7 1700 dedicated stream machine encoding overload

I have problem on my dedicated encoding machine
AMD Ryzen 7 1700
i'm getting encoding overload with 1080p 60fps 8000 bitrate fast or medium preset.
Encoding overload happens even when cpu is at 56 %
This cpu should handle those presets

Funny thing is same settings with fast preset work fine in Xsplit usually it should be the opposite.
Never had issues with obs until this new pc and latest Windows 10 1803.

I added link to the last log file.


the total cpu cores may be at 56 but doesnt mean the ones that are being used arent at 100 percent. I noticed this once while having a monitor on all cores. Make sure you are using the full amount of cores to start and that obs is set to higher priority for cpu usage. Also make sure you are using the newest OBS
i'm using newest obs priority is set to high. Added pic from task manager during encoding overload


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set your crf to 25-30, 23 should be default, yours seems to be set at 0, lul. but maybe obs reports it wrong.
edit: u can go higher to, it will still make a good picture on slow motion, even if u set it to say 33-36. but at 8000 bitrate u should be fine at 25ish.


Well only 1 second buffer is a bit low. try 5x your bitrate. also u should post all your settings.
edit: Do you have automatic on most settings in bios? I set everything manually, using a 1700 too. i dont bother 1080p tho, 900p is fine, as u dont see more in theatre mode anyway.
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3.7 isnt enough for steady 1080p60 almost regardless of preset for this cpu without explicit tweaking. Another thing about preset speeds for x264 is that u can use a fast preset but have some options thats in the slow category, ie makes it slower preserves more detail, etc. it gets really complicated quite fast. For me running obs on dedicated streaming pc was always just unstable in the end. I never got it working with high tho, i'd try to set main/default instead. - edit: so im just using nginx/ffmpeg instead.

I took a brief capture of cpu usage here of my 1700 streaming at 900p60 with a fast preset that normally would yield some 30-40% cpu use.900p60-ryzen1700-fastcustomx264.png
Also i heard its better to limit threads to 16 because after 16 quality starts to suffer i guess obs defaults to 24 threads with 1700


i limit to 14, 2 threads dedicated to searching buffer ahead. edit: i think obs uses 16 for this cpu, idk, cant recall. but u can set that in obs.
by default obs uses logical cores * 1.5 so 24 threads. If i set it to threads=16 i can't even do 900p fast 8000 bitrate encoding overload at 40% cpu usage


16 threads should be fine, even just in regular obs studio, for this cpu, since it has just 8 cores. something else is very wrong here. very much so since you're even giving it headroom up to 8mbit, i only use max 6. Sure you arent doing gpu encoding or something else? Because using more then 16 threads should be kinda suicide here. even people that runs double 50-60 core dedicated encoding pc's dont run to far away from the original core count. heck when doing x264 pc to pc from game pc i use just 10 threads albeit at much higher bitrate. is this a laptop or something?
No I'm not doing any GPU encoding
Motherboard: Asus Prime X370-Pro

CPU: AMD Ryzen 1700 3.8 Ghz

GPU: ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1050

RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX Black 8GB 3000MHz (2666mhz)