AMD Advanced Media Framework Encoder Plugin for OBS Studio

AMDs Hardware Encoder now available for OBS Studio users!

  1. Xaymar Well-Known Member

    It's the last step, i.e. 6th step.
  2. BornDownUnder Well-Known Member

    What issues are you having with the latest drivers? I'm running a 290x without any issues at all, couldn't be happier with the performance and stability.
  3. tstr Member

    Oh, I figured it out, my own fault. Video api should be set to host, and not manually set to d3d9 (though it's still attempting to use dx11)
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  4. Xaymar Well-Known Member (the public beta version) includes a better way of the conversion step, which should hopefully reduce issues like this. Host mode of course should work, it's straight up just using system RAM to do the work.
  5. BornDownUnder Well-Known Member

    Out of curiosity, how much system ram would you expect to be used overall for 1080p60fps relatively high to high quality recordings?
  6. Xaymar Well-Known Member

    At most 500mb
  7. BornDownUnder Well-Known Member

    Cheers for the info mate. Will have to test out the new preview version of yours.
  8. Xaymar Well-Known Member

    The preview version uses even less since it doesn't do any of the queueing that the old version has - it's straight up encoder Input Output.
  9. skyrock2610 New Member

    Thanks for your contribution Xayman, and although I have one more question.
    These settings seem to be optimal for streaming. But I want to use OBS for local recordings. Is there any parameter I can change to make it work better for this kind of usage?
  10. Xaymar Well-Known Member

    You can use the Recording, High Quality and Indistinguishable preset.
  11. BornDownUnder Well-Known Member

  12. Xaymar Well-Known Member

    Low Latency and Ultra Low Latency modes are not officially supported and are part of View Mode Master. If you want them to be supported, you will have to submit a code patch.
  13. PhobiaOS Member

    What version is the plugin for the latest version of OBS Studio?

    I went back and tried figuring out my issue and I was missing
    I ran a test stream last night running Player Unknown Battlegrounds while streaming in 720/30 with 3400 bitrate. My CPU usage was extremely lower than when I use x264 so I was super impressed (x264 - CPU usage around mid 20%, AMD encoder - CPU usage hovered around 7%). I noticed my games while streaming felt smoother and OBS had no struggles.

    Now that I'm seeing this ram usage improvement with, I'm wondering if I should try it but wasn't sure which version I'm currently using with the latest version of OBS Studio.

    Last thing, if I should/need to install the, how do I and where do place the plugin?

    Thanks a bunch guys
  14. Xaymar Well-Known Member

    OBS ships with is a preview of what's to come in the future and (unless you always run the latest drivers) might cause more issues at the moment.

    There haven't really been any RAM usage improvements, all that was done was remove the asynchronous queue to instead use sequential single threaded mode. It will eventually be added again, but user controllable instead of a hackish solution like before.
  15. PhobiaOS Member

    Oh ok, so at this time I should stick with

    Awesome, thanks for the heads up.

    Lastly, for future reference, just in case I want to test a "preview" build like, how would I go about installing it? That way I'm not always stuck waiting on OBS Studio updates.
  16. Xaymar Well-Known Member

    Just run the installer and let it overwrite OBS files.
  17. PhobiaOS Member

    oh ok, gotcha.

  18. everyth1ng Active Member works perfectly for me. No issues at all on my end.
  19. aquamacho New Member

    Same for me.
  20. Petter005 New Member

    How do i check which version i have installed ?