Question / Help After installing OBS my fps down 50% (even when not running)


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So yesterday I installed OBS and streamed for the first time on my new PC. Playing Rainbow Six I have always had between 95-110 fps, and while streaming it was no different. Today I go to play the game and my fps is down to 45-65 even with OBS not running (and finally uninstalled). This has been the only thing I have changed from yesterdays gaming and so leads me to believe it is the only thing affecting. I have run all virus and malware scans as well as a multiple of other options that have been presented online to no avail. Could anyone help with any ideas what caused this and how to fix it?

i7 8700k
16gb Ram

Thank you


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OBS does not install anything onto your system other then the software itself. When you uninstall it there is nothing left of it.
So if OBS is not running, there is nothing related to OBS causing your issue.