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OBS Lua Advanced Timer 5.0.1


It's super frustrating struggling with what appears to be a simple timer with absolutely no directions on how to use it.

Try this one, there is a YouTube video:



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Any chance you can add a field for "Countdown pre text"? Essentially the opposite of Countdown Final Text. It also would be helpful in this case to have a "ready" "set" "go" for hotkeys.
Ready - displays countdown pre text
Set - displays countdown duration time
Go - starts the countdown



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Hello, great nice simple timer!

I'm missing one thing, was looking to make "Pomodoro timer". Perfect would be to:
  • have some timer sound when 0.
  • have this timer activate next timer.

    I was able to do it by coping script to other folder and loading it again (or changing name of copy instead of folder ofc)(+ obvious: change scene and start timer on activation). I think it would be more intuitive to have few instance of timer running linked to different Text sources same time from one script.

    Am I missing something or is it not possible to have few of this timer running same time (other than like I said, coping this script itself and loading it few times?).

    It's my first post here, hope I did ok... ;-)


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The delta_time function has a minor bug that occurs when the countdown spans midnight. In that case, 84600 seconds is added, advancing the timer to the next day. That should be 86400 (60*60*24).


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I'm running 5.0.1 and program window does not countdown while in studio mode. obs v 27.1.2

Update: The timer does update (countdown, for example) in the Program window, when "Duplicate Sources" on the gear icon next to the Transition button is turned off. Duplicate Sources prevents Preview source edits from affecting the Program sources when they are the same. But in this case, it prevents the countdown timer from working in Program scene, regardless of what is in the Preview scene. Seems like a bug to me.


A warning about this script -- it works nicely but it can be a SERIOUS harm to your FPS and cause missed Frames. The nature of the script is that it is called on every tick, whether the scene holding it is shown or not. It took me a while to pinpoint the source of my missed frames and high average time to render to being caused by this script. I have some fixes that solves the problem by using a normal timer (instead of being called on every tick), and not updating text when it doesn't change, and disabling the timer when the source is not visible. I can upload it somewhere but it probably needs some more testing since I am inexperienced with OBS scripting. I just wanted to post a quick note right away so those experiencing missed frames and rendering lags know to check their use of this script.


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after restarting obs (close and reopen) the cuntdown timer does not start automatically, how this can be achived ? at the momen i defined a hotkey, but i would like to have an automated start on restart of obs


Thinking about this a little bit, it may be a tricky problem to solve, because there is really only one timer running, and when you are in studio mode you could have both the program and preview window showing timers, which should theoretically be different. It's a weird situation because of the weird way the preview window works.

Can you tell me a little bit about your use case and how you would use the timer in preview mode? What should happen if you are running the timer in preview mode and then switch to that scene in program mode (should timer reset or continue?).


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My timer is a countdown to a specific time of day and MUST always the same in program and preview. I use the same source in different scenes to time transitions as the countdown time of day approaches. With global activation, it works fine in the original Advanced Timer Script; I was just hoping to economize on CPU cycles.

BTW, it also works OK in your version as long as the program scene contains the timer's source.


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Several people asked here but it seems that their post are INVISIVBLE.
I have the same question so I will ask once again maybe someone will FINALLY see it:

Does this timer have option to start counting up from specific time eg. from 30:00 or 45:00?

And if there is anybody so kind please write if there's any other script that enebles it?