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OBS Lua Advanced Timer 5.0.1


It's super frustrating struggling with what appears to be a simple timer with absolutely no directions on how to use it.
Try this one, there is a YouTube video:



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Any chance you can add a field for "Countdown pre text"? Essentially the opposite of Countdown Final Text. It also would be helpful in this case to have a "ready" "set" "go" for hotkeys.
Ready - displays countdown pre text
Set - displays countdown duration time
Go - starts the countdown



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Hello, great nice simple timer!

I'm missing one thing, was looking to make "Pomodoro timer". Perfect would be to:
  • have some timer sound when 0.
  • have this timer activate next timer.

    I was able to do it by coping script to other folder and loading it again (or changing name of copy instead of folder ofc)(+ obvious: change scene and start timer on activation). I think it would be more intuitive to have few instance of timer running linked to different Text sources same time from one script.

    Am I missing something or is it not possible to have few of this timer running same time (other than like I said, coping this script itself and loading it few times?).

    It's my first post here, hope I did ok... ;-)