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Advanced Audio Capture - Mac OS X - Audio Routing with JACK - an Alternative to Soundflower / WavTap

Advanced Audio Capture with Mac OS X

So I’ve been using Soundflower and WavTap to capture my mac audio for a long time. But I’ve never been really happy, as they have both been unreliable and unstable. I’ve been looking for an alternative for quite some time now, and I think I’ve finally found it. It’s a free open source piece of software known as Jack(osx) ( Not only does it seem more reliable (I have tested it for 3 and a half hours...
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I finally got this to work. Thank you.

I can now have different programs playing on different devices. So, I can have my game playing on the speakers, and firefox displaying the twitch stream on my headset, not being picked up by my mic or re-broadcast.


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Thank you for all the instructions and explanations!

Do you know if these "Effects" can also be VST- or AU-Plug-Ins?

I'm looking for a software with which I can equalizie my system in every audio stream and not only in the DAWs..

Thank you so much!


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I uninstalled Jack because it does not appear to be compatible with Game Capture Hd software which I am using in combination with OBS. Suggestions welcomed!


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I use Jack on a regular basis on Ubuntu/kxStudio 16.04, mostly as a backend for pro audio stuff such as multitrack recording. In kxStudio, it is pre-installed anyway, and controlled by the Cadence application. Then there's Carla, a plugin-host, and Catia, a nice alternative to QJackCtl's routing.

With this setup I can get good sound for live broadcasts. I'm not streaming games, but rather something like "TV". Sound comes from a mixing console into an inexpensive Alesis iO2 usb audio interface (first series, bought it used). Then I route it into a multiband limiter using the above-mentioned tools. The multiband makes sure I get the signal up to 0db without clipping. Still, I can adjust the level of compression (something you can't do in smartphones or camcorders). And of course, the end of the chain is the Jack audio module in OBS.

So depending on what you use OBS for, using Jack gives you additional options and saves you quite some money (just check out the prices for outboard broadcast limiters...).
So, after installing - it appears to be stumped at the point of opening your Mac's sound preferences i don't see JackRouter as an option in the input or output.

I attempted to open the Audio MIDI Setup options and while making a new multi-output device i saw it once after hitting 'start' one time. but after subsequent restarts it doesn't appear.

I've also attempted to go into the OBS and see this - it doesn't appear there as an option either.

Any suggestions?

I'm running MacOS Siera (10.12.6) and attempting to get it to work with OBS and my Apogee Ensemble.

Basically, i'm running a setup where I have my mic, then chat, and then game audio coming in separately for recording in Pro Tools for capture. but attempting to bring that all into my stream now. but OBS doesn't appear to get audio from the Ensemble (i have it picking up game audio from my PS4 np).

Was hoping this application would work for my needs - just looking to get it working first.


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Voice changing WITH game audio IMPOSSIBLE with OSx! I have been at this for about a month. This si what I am trying to accomplish:

1) I want to change the pitch of my voice so when I a streaming I can sound NOT like me.
2) I want to continue to capture the audio from my game (lets say Fortnite).
3) I have opened GarageBand and applied pitch and tried a recording in OBS and heard my voice AND the pitch changed voice..... Sigh.
4) I use IShowUAudio (not soundfower) for my virtual cable.
5) I thought of using a VST plugin in OBS to change pitch to reduce OSx overheating while streaming and keep a fps of at least 20,
6) When I stream to Internet using OBS, I have successfully captured the Fortnite audio and my AT20135b mic through my Saffire (Focusrite Pro 40 audio interface), NO problems there.
7) When I capture my voice I hear BOTH pitch changed through GarageBand.

8) My AudioMIDI Setup is as Follows:
With IShowUAudio Capture highlighted (I think it is a virtual cable alt, to SoundFlower. It works perfect on my MacBook Pro. SOundflower DID NOT) I click the "+" at the bottom L of the window. > Choose "Create Multi-Output Device" > In the R side of the Audio Devices window I check "iShowU Audio Capture" & "Saffire". > MASTER DEVICE = Saffire > Sample Rate = 44.1 kHz > Drift Correction = Saffire checked.

9) Then in bar at the top of my desktop I click the Sound selection and choose the NEWLY created Multi-Output device I just described in #8. This has always given my viewers the MIC Audio from my Saffire AND th Fortnite game sounds.

So I have NO IDEA how to get my pitched chagned voice to be the only voice my stream hears.


?) If I installed SoundFlower (really hate it) would my MIC feed through that and then my gaming audio to iShowU Audio Capture?
?) I do not see a place OBS would allow 2 virtual cables in.
?) I do not see how to get this working and am very frustrated.
Please help.....