Question / Help Adobe Audition / Monitor Headphones / Desktop Audio

Josh Vega

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I'm trying to stream mic audio from adobe audition with live plugin effects through OBS while also monitoring it through my headphones and capturing desktop audio. I managed to do all of the above except OBS is capturing both my regular mic audio and the adobe auction mic audio with the live effects which causes a double voice/echo effect on my stream.

Mac input: Blue Yeti
Mac output: Sound Flower 2ch
Audition Default Stereo input: Blue Yeti
Audition Master output: Sound Flower 2ch
OBS Desktop Audio: Sound Flower 2ch
OBS Mic Audio Device: Blue Yeti

Any help would be much appreciated :)


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Remove the Blue Yeti in OBS. You're capturing the Mic output via Soundflower, so you don't also need to capture the raw mic itself as well.