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Recently, a few days ago I've been encountered a lot of freezing bugs, blue screen OUT OF MEMORY without any logic crashes with both OBS's in which I decided that the best choise for me is to use OBS Classic over OBS Studio that still have frame drops in game and on stream (in my case). The solution? Well the solution it's very simple, admins you can edit this and maybe pin it to save guys that are in the same situation as me right now!

If you have same system parts as mine or similar check my case below and follow my settings WITH OBS Classic only!

So, the solution is very simple, I did a lot of tests, changing bitrate changing everything even lower and I know my pc could do better but..
Guys all you have to do use NVEC instead of x264 it will stress less CPU and you wont have any problems after changing this! I can say that now I'm streaming without any problems at a temp. of 70 and 50% CPU usage with a high quality 720p60fps, and still I could go to 1080p.


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