Ability to manually set streaming resolution


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Hi I play a game in a 1280x800 window which I steam to twitch tv. I would like to steam it to twitch as 1280x720, to remove the letter boxing caused when steaming it as 1280x800.

If i use OBS to steam it as 1280x720 bottom of the window is cut off.

Here are some VoDs to illustrate what I mean.

This VoD I am able to capture the whole 1280x800 window and steam it to twitch with out letterboxing or cutting of the bottom of the window. I use FFsplit on this VoD.

Using OBS I steam at 1280x720 but alot of the bottom window is missing. I show video settings at end of VoD

Steaming at 1280x800 same as window I get letter boxing in twitch player.


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Well, first of all I need to add an option for "Fit to screen" option for sources. It's something I've actually been meaning to do, but forgot about. I'll add it in the next version coming up (because it's easy). But in the mean time, let me tell you how to fix the problem yourself, manually.

http://imgur.com/a/FPQQf#0 - First, start the stream (either a normal stream or test mode is fine).
http://imgur.com/a/FPQQf#1 - Second, turn on edit mode, and select your source. If you compare with the last picture, you'll notice it now has a red selection rectangle. Click the right edge of the source, and drag it to the left until the bottom comes into view again --
http://imgur.com/a/FPQQf#2 - like so. Third, click the bottom right rectangle, hold down shift, and drag it to the bottom right of the screen. It will snap there, and --
http://imgur.com/a/FPQQf#3 - Image will now fit perfectly.

And that's it. Will add the "fit to screen" feature next version though.

Also, If you're not really capturing your desktop, and are primarily capturing just that game for the stream duration, I would recommend capturing only the inner window of civ 5 with window capture, as the title bar feels like wasted space in your stream. Would be a better stream image that way, so the viewers aren't distracted by an unsightly title bar. Just a suggestion though.