Bug Report A Few OBS Problems For Me

Discussion in 'Questions, Help & Bug Reports' started by FatJesus, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. FatJesus Member

    First off, I love OBS, it's a nice lightweight alternative to XSplit. I started using it about a months and a half ago with no problems. Now all of the sudden, with the updates, there's problems.

    Whenever I cast with my capture device, Happauge HD PVR on my dual core laptop [4gb ram, 2.1ghz] (I know my comp isn't the best but it worked fine for a month), OBS either freezes the capture card to the point where my cast LOOKS laggy. Or in most cases it starts dropping frames and kills my FPS to where it also looks laggy. In addition it drops frames and/or feezes my capture card if I'm on Skype or my casting alternative RaidCall if there's a group call going.

    Its not my internet as I have 30 down and 5 up and doesn't go down or change when the freezing and frame drops happen. My comp usually struggles to run things but OBS is so lightweight even with a lot of stuff going my comp is in much better shape. AND when I switch to XSplit I lose the frame dropping, but gain the laggy due to it hogging resources.

    Any help?
  2. Jim

    Jim Developer

    Hm, could you tell me which version change specifically caused the problem? Would be most helpful in determining exactly where I should look in the code to fix it if there's an issue
  3. FatJesus Member

    I wanna say 448a or 451a. Cause with 432a was fine I believe.
  4. Jim

    Jim Developer

    Well, this may be somewhat of a pain to ask.. but could you go on https://sourceforge.net/projects/obsproject/files - and then starting with 0.432, try to find which version change caused the specific problem? like for example, "0.432a->0.446a is where the problem pops up".. Something like that would be able to help me poinpoint a specific bit of code where you get problems. Only if you happen to have time to try the versions in order on there
  5. FatJesus Member

    I'll do a test cast later. And I still have my installer updates and all I have are 432a, 448a, 451a, 452a, 456a, 458,a and 461a. But yeah i'll def do a test and post the results, in this thread?
  6. FatJesus Member

    OK so I just did the testing. 432a has no cap card freezing or the like ('Cept for freezes I need to fix on my end). Moving to 448a the cap card starting freezing a ton (frame rate drops as well).

    The one problem I have is that it freezes both on Skype and RaidCall with 448a. BUT on both 432a and 448a the FPS doesn't got above 21 is usually stuck vairing from 1-21 and never levels out to the 30 I have it set at.
  7. Jim

    Jim Developer

    Hm, thank you for the information. I really appreciate you taking the time to compare the results with the versions like that, it tells me where I need to look for more information much easier.
  8. Warchamp7


    Happauge cards aren't even supported right now if I remember correctly, it's a wonder it's even working.
  9. FatJesus Member

    Wait so it shouldn't even be working at all with my PVR?
  10. micechal Well-Known Member

    Yes, because it doesn't have an option to output DirectShow :( As far as OBS doesn't support capture cards' encoders, they're not going to work with it.
  11. FatJesus Member

    So I'm lucky to get anything going at all. Any idea when that option will be added in?
  12. AMurderOfCrows New Member

    Here's a better question for right now: What is different about your setup that allows your HD PVR to function while no one else's does. If we can figure that out, a guide could be written for the rest of us, at least until OBS supports these devices.