A counter request


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Hey guys, been livestreaming pokemon for a few months now and pre requests from viewers they want a "pokedex" counter how many I have and how many are in the current game. What I've been doing up to this point is just using a .txt and each time I get a new one I open it up edit it and then save, is there a way to automate this? I thought I seen a counter that works using hockey's which would be fine but can't seem to find it anywhere. Also for my party is there a way to auto update who I am currently using or would the best way be naming .png's 1-6 and check the check for file change option?



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Try out my program S.O.S.D.C(Simple On Screen Death Counter) https://github.com/Glought/S.O.S.D.C/releases. No need to setup a autohotkey based counter just unzip and start "SimpleOnScreenDeathCounter.exe" choose what settings you want (check OBS Toggle for use in OBS) then point a text source to "Count.txt" located in the same folder where S.O.S.D.C's exe is.