Question / Help 4:2:2 HDMI video capture?


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I have a microscope camera that outputs uncompressed, 4:2:2 1080p60 video via HDMI. I see that my captures are NV12, which is 4:2:0. If I try color format i444 with libx264, everything comes out fuzzy and the resulting output can't be used in vegas at all. If I try using RGB and libx264rgb, I also receive unusable output that is fuzzy/strangely colored viewed in a media player, and unplayable with vegas.

I've tried dnxhd, but it gives an error message instantly as soon as you attempt to record. I've tried prores, but prores only records the first 2 or 3 seconds of video then stops altogether.

I've tried rawvideo with i444, and it splits the image into three duplicates in the video. With rawvideo and color format RGB, it actually works, but that is an awful lot of waste of space.. just insane. I have a six core haswell 3.8 GHz CPU, so I don't mind doing some realtime encoding, but need an option that will do 4:2:2 and look great.

If there's a way to compress to libx264 4:2:2, or lagarith, or dnxhd that works, that would be absolutely amazing. Ideally whatever format I am recording to will be something vegas recognizes out of the box. I am happy to encode a proxy clip in vegas if it is a difficult to realtime edit format, but as long as it is something it supports.

If there is a way to make prores or dnxhd work properly within OBS so it does not give encode errors, or stop recording two seconds into a capture, I would be open to this as well.

Feel free to kick me towards a manual if there is one on how to do this that I have missed


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I have. UT is good but vegas won't recognize the files. I'm looking to avoid transcoding the video prior to editing as ths would require lots of extra disk space and time.

I noticed that recording to PNG with mov container does the same thing as prores. Same bug,will record one second of video, continue recording audio, but stop at one second of video. The recording drive is a raid 0 array of two 500 GB SSDs, so I/O shouldn't be the limitation here.


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It works in Vegas now but lags crazily. It also lags in MPC. To see if it was a decoding on the fly issue or an issue with the actual capture I re-enccoded it to h.264 baseline profile 500 kbps and it was still jittering, so it means the issue was with the original capture. During the time of the original capture OBS was using 10% CPU with nothing else going on and recording to same raid 0 SSD array that works for rawvideo, so I guess utvideo is out unless there's a setting I'm missing.

Any other codecs? :)

edit: same thing occurs with huffyuv! Takes under 7% CPU usage, what is encoded is very jittery and missing tons of frames. I'm starting to wonder if OBS only works with x264. That and rawvideo are the only formats I've recorded to that resulted in a working recording.


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Lagarith is not a supported output video format in OBS due to it not being a supported output format in ffmpeg.