Question / Help 264 stuttering Stream (AMD Ryzen)


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Hi, I hope you can help me with my problem because I have been trying to solve the problem for many days or even weeks, but unfortunately I have not managed to find anything. Although I find it difficult to help me as I have looked through a lot of forums both Spanish and English and many people had the same problem as me and have not been able to find the solution, then I will give the configuration of my pc so that Have more information to be able to find a solution, I appreciate your help.

AMD Rayzen 1400
Nvidia GTX 1050 2GB
(8GB) 2X4GB DDR4-2400
MSI B350M Bazooka
SSD Kingston 120GB
ST500LM (second disk, is the hard drive of my old laptop)

My problem is that when I try to do a live giving any application that is (OBS Classic, OBS Studio, OBS Streamlabs, Xsplit Broadcaster) if I put an X264 encoding the streaming suffers stuttering, that is to say that I suffer Cuts, which I do not suffer with the encoding of nvenc. I've tried a lot of x264 configurations, from putting it on (main - very fast) to (high - medium) and I'm still suffering from cuts.
The Bibrate I use is 380 for the video and 64 for the sound, I know it is very low and unfortunately I can not put more since the connection of my house does not allow for more. I have updated all the controllers of all the components, I have verified that the problem was the connection and I have seen that it is not, since with the nvenc encoding I do not suffer that problem, although I do notice a few fps in the direct that I do not notice with x264 encoding, I've even tried giving it priority in real time, but I still suffer cuts in the stream. It always does, regardless of the scene and whether or not I have an open game. One thing that I forgot to mention is that the CPU never rises more than 50%.

One thing I would like to add is that it would do streaming with the nvenc configuration, but it is very low coding, in addition to what I said above I suffer from very constant FPS lows in the live (not in the games) with this encoding.
Also although this is logical, my connection to the Internet is through cable.
And finally to say that the quality that I try to do directly is at 480p 30fps.
I would send a log, but in the log folder of obs streamlabs there is none.
(This text I have translated with the google translator, so if there is a failure, I'm sorry.)