Question / Help 220 dropped frames?! Never happened before


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Alright guys i'm on a setup with a great internet from Sweden (fiber) and it has absolutely nothing to do with my bitrate (I still went down from 6000 to 5600) and my SPECS are:
GTX 1060 6GB
RYZEN 5 2600
240GB + 1TB

My streaming settings are:

Speedtest of internet:

What happened? I saw on my OBS during the session that I had 220 dropped frames and It is probably becuase of that I saw lagspikes replaying my session. I have no clue since I dont understand anything from the logs. Just wonder why my stream on twitch randomly had lag spikes. I guess it's because of the dropped frames. this is my latest stream session (check to see the lag spikes, nothing ingame tho).

Appreciate help so much! Just want to know what I should fix. As I mentioned earlier, this has never happened before and hopefully it can be a one time thing.


The internet is not a perfectly routed system, outages/re-routes/packetloss happens. 220 dropped frames is nothing, less than 4 seconds of visible lag.

Doesn't matter that you have 220Mbps upload, stuff happens along the way that is completely out of your hands, you can't get around it with faster speed.