won't record

  1. E

    OBS won’t record my mic (any of them)

    I use a blue snowball and the built-in mic on my meta quest and they’ve been working completely fine for a long time. Now all the sudden OBS refuses to record anything from them. It’s getting a signal so it recognizes them, but it won’t record anything. It records my desktop audio just fine. I...
  2. T

    OBS studio won't let me record again after first record session

    Hi, I've been having this issue where I go to record and everything works fine but then I stop recording and go to record again and it won't record at all. it's not saying stopping recording and the file has already been finalized so I'm utterly confused as to why it's stopped working. the...
  3. slayciel

    Question / Help Please help!!! (OBS won't record or stream)

    I posted something a week or so ago, and nobody has responded...I put my log file in, and still no reply. Can someone please check out my previous posts, so I can finally start streaming. Thanks.