recording lagging

  1. B

    Recording lags even though game doesn't

    Hi! So, I have been using OBS for a few days and I recorded a couple of videos which are perfectly fine. However, I recorded a couple more today and the recordings are all laggy. I haven't changed the settings neither in the game nor in OBS. I'll attach the latest log file. Thank you in advance! :)
  2. U


    Hey Everyone. I'm completely new in creating videos, I want to be able to create and share video gaming content on my YouTube channel. I was watching some videos on YouTube like "how to set the best settings in OBS for gaming" and I set everything exactly like it was on the videos, then I went...
  3. G

    Question / Help Help! Running Beast PC (I think lol) and OBS keeps dropping frames

    Hey All I am new to this. I am trying to record 1080p 60fps gameplay off my Xbox One X with an Elgato HD60 Pro Internal and using OBS. I've been tweaking settings and searching online all day and I can't get OBS to stop dropping frames. The finished product looks terrible while still being HD...
  4. C

    Question / Help My game recording lag!

    So when I record myself playing F1 2018 and watch it back, The recording lags and stutters and I'm not sure why My pc can handle it fine when I'm playing, Please could someone help me resolve this.
  5. S

    Question / Help Obs recording is choppy

    Hi guys, i really hope you can help me out since ive been dealing with this since i a while and i cant figure out why. I've included the log file from the last time this happened which you can see on this unlisted video on my youtube.
  6. A

    Question / Help OBS lagging when recording

    I got a new computer in November '18. I now cannot record my games without the recording lagging. The game itself does not lag, but the recording does. I try to play Overwatch and if I play in the practice range, there's hardly any lag in the video, but if I play online it just crashes and stays...
  7. CaptainMack

    Question / Help Encoding Overloaded (Super common, I know)

    I've been streaming regularly for about a year and a half now and until just recently, I was not having any issues. However, about a month ago I started getting that super common "Encoding Overloaded" error pooping up. It's not super common, at the highest my logs are only showing 1% of the...
  8. J

    Question / Help Recording Lag...

    This is probably a common problem which I still haven't been able to find the solution to. I have been trying to set up my recording settings in OBS for a while and have been on it today alone for about 2 hours. I'm certain that I can record 1080p60 for youtube but I just can't get the right...
  9. R

    Question / Help OSB Recording Issue (Extreme Lag)

    Hello, I have browsed through the internets vast collection of tutorial videos and suggestions of people in forums, and I haven't found anything that has helped me when I've attempted to record videos of gameplay. The recording has some serious lag going on and it's very painful to watch. I've...
  10. D

    Question / Help Need help (old OBS), elgato game capture 60 hd S

    Hello guys, i know that the "old" OBS isnt supported anymore but please have a look at my problem. Yesterday my new Elgato HD60 S arrived and i started some test recordings with OBS. But there is one problem. My recording is lagging. EVERYTIME. If i use NVENC or the H.264 its still lagging. The...
  11. gamingbunny

    Question / Help FPS problems and lots of lag

    i have been having issues with obs studio recently when i record the video lags
  12. P

    Question / Help OBS Recording Lag / Choppy - No Game Lag

    I've been using OBS lately, and I can't say it's ever worked. Every time I try to record any gameplay the recording is laggy but my game never lags for me. My specs are - GTX 750ti i3-4170 cpu RAM - 8 GB 1 TB SSD (Well all that I know off the top of my head) LOGS -...
  13. T

    Question / Help OBS Recording Lagging, not the game.

    So I have a 2 pc setup with an Elgato HD60S capture card. Everything works fine and there is no lagging or anything at first. Until I add overlays and twitch alerts and a webcam to my streaming pc. After doing that, my game itself does not lag on my gaming pc, but the recording comes out...
  14. Nga_Phoebe_Tran

    Question / Help Is there any way to prevent fps dropping during recording on Mac?

    Hi again! There is a trouble that I need to fix and get help from you guys. It's about FPS dropping and video lagging/freezing. I've played LIMBO and Typoman for few weeks, I've recorded and uploaded them on my youtube channel. The games are not laggy at all, even while they're being recorded...
  15. K

    Question / Help My OBS (64) Bit Recording Settings

    Firstly I'd like to say that my computer is old as heck. It's an old Dell inspiron 545 that I got from my old step father when we moved out of his house. I can play games just fine when I'm not recording, but as soon as I start recording and startup Counter Strike Global Offensive I'm greeted...
  16. V

    Question / Help Dual PC Setup (Elgato HD60 Pro) Bad Quality Help!

    I've just got the Elgato and a Second PC, I've followed guides on setting everything up. So far I've only tested recording which is what i'm most interested in. My problem is, The capture card records Perfect 1080P 60FPS through the Elgato Game Capture Software. Once set up in OBS, I get very...
  17. M

    Question / Help HELP!! Fortnite Recording Problems

    So I've gotten really addicted to Fortnite and I would love to record it. My friends want me to post funny moments and gameplay on my channel, but I can't because of recording issues. In-game, I get a steady 75 - 125 fps when I'm not recording, and I do not lose a lot of performance when I do...
  18. M

    Question / Help Fortnite Problems.

    So I've gotten really addicted to Fortnite and I would love to record it. My friends want me to post funny moments and gameplay on my channel, but I can't because of recording issues. In-game, I get a steady 75 - 125 fps when I'm not recording, and I do not lose a lot of performance when I do...
  19. ithinkianime

    Question / Help Recordings look glitched

    Hi. I currently have this problem where my recordings in OBS look odd and glitchy. It looks normal on the preview, so whats happening? Here is the image of what the mp4 looks like after recording.
  20. MikeMeal

    Question / Help OBS Preview and recording lagging but game not

    I was going to record GTA V today with my new components and ran into a problem. When I watch the preview from my other screen, it looks like s*it but my game looks just fine and CPU using was the whole time 1.0-3.0%. With my old components and with same settings everything ran just fine and...