recording fail

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    Question / Help Need help finding best recording software.

    Hello. I've recently made big upgrades to my PC with a new Graphics Card, CPU, and a new motherboard as well. Before the upgrade, my recordings captured with pretty standard quality, and very minimal errors. Butnow that I've made these upgrades,my records are almost always choppy, delayed, fps...
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    Question / Help What is even happening? someone help please?

    I don't know why, i built my new pc recently (last week), and at first it recorded videos and played Call of Duty Black Ops 3 fine, like OBS didn't even struggle (and neither did the graphics card). But one day, it just stopped being normal and has been playing up ever since, I've spent...
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    Question / Help OBS Recording with NVENC failing - PLEASE HELP

    Hi, I'm fairly new to OBS. I've been unable to record on any settings other than x264 despite having an NVIDIA card with most updated drivers. I can't for the life of me figure out what the issue is. I pulled the log though. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated...