game not lagging but recording is

  1. Z

    Recording laggy I don't find an issue

    Ive been recording using a lot of settings find on internet, i have already switch x264 for NVENC, but i got alltimes a laggy recording. Game not lagging but record yes (i don't tested the stream) My computer is new, maybe i need some handling to optimize him. My gpu and Cpu aren't at 100% in...
  2. M

    My obs is wayyy to laggy please help

    so 3 weeks ago whenever i recorded with obs it was always going at 60 fps but now it is barely getting 50 and is avg is now like 10 fps please help please reply bcuz i need to rec 4 yt heres the log
  3. R

    Question / Help OSB Recording Issue (Extreme Lag)

    Hello, I have browsed through the internets vast collection of tutorial videos and suggestions of people in forums, and I haven't found anything that has helped me when I've attempted to record videos of gameplay. The recording has some serious lag going on and it's very painful to watch. I've...
  4. slayciel

    Question / Help Help! Obs won't record and just leaves error message.

    OBS keeps on popping up with an error massage, and now it wont even record game play...I just got it today, and was setting it up for a YouTube stream i was planing on doing in a few days, but the recording was really laggy, even though the game I was playing itself was running smoothly...Now it...
  5. D

    Question / Help Laggy stream

    Hello, my name is Dreaxter. and i have a mid range pc.. good enough to stream certain games i play such as Dead by Daylight and Rocket League. But when i start streaming it gets laggy when i am playing the game... the i got my bitrate at 2500 kbs and my download and upload speed are stable at...
  6. Nga_Phoebe_Tran

    Question / Help Is there any way to prevent fps dropping during recording on Mac?

    Hi again! There is a trouble that I need to fix and get help from you guys. It's about FPS dropping and video lagging/freezing. I've played LIMBO and Typoman for few weeks, I've recorded and uploaded them on my youtube channel. The games are not laggy at all, even while they're being recorded...
  7. C

    Question / Help Videos Are Extremely Choppy

    Hi, I've been doing some recording lately and I've run into an issue with videos being quite choppy after exporting them (After their done recording). I've encountered this problem in the past here and their, although I though it may have just been the thing I was recording, although now it's...
  8. M

    Question / Help Fortnite Problems.

    So I've gotten really addicted to Fortnite and I would love to record it. My friends want me to post funny moments and gameplay on my channel, but I can't because of recording issues. In-game, I get a steady 75 - 125 fps when I'm not recording, and I do not lose a lot of performance when I do...
  9. A


    Hello, I am new to OBS and PC world, i am trying out recording just to make some vids and possibly stream one day, but i am getting really choppy and laggy footage, the audio is fine but its just the footage that is bad. here is what i have in specs for my pc CPU: 4GHz Intel Core i7-6700K...
  10. MikeMeal

    Question / Help OBS Preview and recording lagging but game not

    I was going to record GTA V today with my new components and ran into a problem. When I watch the preview from my other screen, it looks like s*it but my game looks just fine and CPU using was the whole time 1.0-3.0%. With my old components and with same settings everything ran just fine and...