dropped frames when recording

  1. C

    60 fps recording saves as less than 1 fps

    When I record my gameplay, OBS says in the bottom right that it's at 50 fps. However, when I open the file in VLC and Windows Media Player, it plays in less than 1 fps. Almost as if it was dropping hundreds of frames at a time. What's going on, and do I need to change some settings? Logs...
  2. S

    Skipped Frames Due To Encoding Lag

    So I have an issue in this obs section, you can see my post above, the dropped frames are really bad, I don't even know how to justify dropped frames, but the important thing is that I run as administrator and the fps is 60, or 120, 1080p, color format nv12, bilinear, ( cqp 18, keyframe 0...
  3. Sovereignxlord

    OBS 26.1 suddenly having encoding overloads

    I hate making forum accounts to just ask for help but here I am haha, I've used OBS for almost a full year now, and it's been wonderful, just a few days ago though I noticed my recordings were really choppy, I tried to figure out what the issue was, I've done everything from changing the...
  4. C

    Dropped Frames While Recording GTA

    I have been having a bit more trouble lately recording GTA V on PC than i used to. I noticed this when i was recording one of my last videos on it, the first couple of videos i recorded the dropped frames weren't that bad, but my final one the dropped frames was around 40%. So today right as i...
  5. M

    Question / Help Excessive dropped frames when recording locally.

    Not streaming. Only trying to record Dota 2 on 1080p. No problems playing the game on all high settings. Not getting any dropped frames in game. But recording logs would always show 40-60%+ dropped frames. Output video would come up laggy and unwatchable even after tweaking some of the settings...