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    Question / Help OBS capture is discolored - negative colors

    Hey there, I set up my Razer Ripsaw today and installed OBS to stream Nintendo Switch games - seems to be working, except the color in the OBS capture seems to be off - looks like negative colors, everything is pink! I can't quite find in the settings what may be causing this. See screenshot of...
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    Question / Help Yellowish with the smallest change in light...

    Hello, does anyone know where the problem is or how to fix it? The total colors gain a warmth and does not look like its viewed by the naked eye. Sometimes, when the to recording person is being filmed, it gets a bit orange.
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    Avoid Washed out Colors while streaming (wide gamut monitors) - LUT solution

    Common Problem : Some people are experiencing a big issue with OBS while streaming with a wide gamut monitor and a custom ICC profile like "Monitor native or adobeRGB or DCI-P3" icc profiles : Colors are washed out on the stream (twitch / youtube for example). My solution requires Photoshop...