1. YorVeX

    Lua filter: OBS_SOURCE_TYPE_FILTER + OBS_SOURCE_ASYNC_VIDEO but filter_video is never called

    Am I doing anything wrong? obs = obslua function script_description() return [[Test Async filter_video A test filter to show that filter_video is never called.]] end source_info = {} = 'test-async-filter_video' source_info.type = obs.OBS_SOURCE_TYPE_FILTER...
  2. norihiro

    Asynchronous Source Duplication 0.4.1

    Introduction This plugin provides a duplicated source of an asynchronous source. Asynchronous filters cannot be applied to a scene or a group. That means you cannot have one source as two scene-items with and without the asynchronous filter. For example, you want to have two sources; one is a...