YouTubey [WIP]

YouTubey [WIP] 1.1.0

Added Media Controls and YouTube integration
Added "close" and "popout" SVGs. Fixed margin for dock titles
Fixed missing save.svg (replay buffer save)
OBS v25 got released and I managed to update all of my themes Twitchy, Mixery and YouTubey just in time! As always, if find errors, let me know! <3
Updated the theme for the upcoming OBS v24, removed unnecessary files, fixed minor things.
If something is broken, send me a PM and I'll get it fixed asap. :D
Fixed the top_hook.png, some icons were missing
(top hook)

Thanks to @lindenkron for showing it to me :3
Updated preview background and source icons for OBS v23.2
Please update if you already downloaded the "Lite" version of the theme

Not sure how I missed that but I forgot to change the paths of the settings icons in the Lite version.