YouTube Live likes, dislikes and views counter app (Windows)

Free YouTube Live likes, dislikes and views counter app (Windows) 2023-08-07

  • Locked menu while a task is running to avoid breaking the crawler accidentally.
  • After many tests I decided to reduce the crawling time to 15 seconds since it does not break the quotation on Youtube API and RYD API.
  • Crawling cancellation was also reduced to crawling time, it works as follow, Crawling Time - Time passed since last crawl.
  • Major UI improvements for each API page
  • Added task checks to make sure you won't have overlaping tasks when switching from an API to another
  • Added Browser Source implementation, it is customisable and you can save your changes inside the CSS file so they won't be deleted when you update the app
  • Optimised the whole application to use less resources
  • Fixed the crashing issue caused by a misspelled directory path inside the code, the app should now work as expected
  • Complete UI Overhaul
  • Introduced the YouTube API crawling function, you will require to generate your own API key
  • Introduced Return YouTube Dislike API for those who want to have the dislikes as well
  • Added video preview and autoupdate of the results on the main interface
  • Changed the application icon
  • Fixed the download link
  • Multiple fixes on the UI
  • Major code updates, preparing to implement the YouTube API v3
  • Introduced Video Preview
  • Added the ability to open the output directory
  • Added URL validator
  • Built colored logs that are easier to read
As you may know I had issues with the Google Quotation due to intensive use of the app, there were too many streamers using the counter in a low period of time exceeding the quota very fast so I decided to create a windows application that crawls and get the most important data a sreamer would like to show on his videos, total likes, views and viewers for live sessions.

Enjoy the new application!
Now you can select timezone directly inside OBS browser interaction window