xObsAsyncImageSource - Asynchronous image source

xObsAsyncImageSource - Asynchronous image source v1.0

This thing is amazing!
If you are running a lot of Pictures and use the "Unload image when not showing" option, this Plugin is a must-have!

Same as @dynamiteandy, would love to have this for Media-Sources too, as i use these mostly for some GIF's instead of image-source.

Would even pay for it :D
Amazing! I have been looking for this for a long time!
Just registered to give you a 5 star rating for this and thank you for this! Any plans to do it for a media source too :D?
Thanks a lot, much appreciated! Since I am also suffering from similar issues with the media source the thought has crossed my mind, but I haven't looked into it yet to figure out how much effort it would take, so no promises at this point.