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win-capture-audio v2.0.0-beta.3

EXTREMELY useful. I usually record gameplays with some friends on discord. So this plugin is a life changer for me. :D
Works great on Window 10 21H1, I've had no problems with OBS itself picking up Audio from my applications. There are some application-specific quirks, especially related to audio sources in webbrowsers, but nothing I consider a dealbreaker.

On the whole, I think this plugin provides a feature that is Instrumental to streaming via OBS Studio.
You are my god
This plugin is life changing for streamers. Thanks a lot!

And a qiestion... would this plugin as a source filter automaticaly switch the audio capture based on the aplication screen shown on the source? It would be a really good stuff!
Eu testei e aprovei! Suuuuuper top!

Fico muito feliz pela oportunidade e obviamente pelo seu esforço em disponibilizar um plugin tão simples, mas genial!
This is an excellent plugin. thaks... but i noticed it does not work with music production Daws like studio one or ableton. Nonetheless it works for other case uses.
Great plugin.

As it is in early stages, there's quite a few creepy crawly bugs here and there but overall does its job.
Can't wait for what it'll be like a few releases down the line. I can't wait to use it more often then.
You just made so many people's lives easier, especially for those that had to explain Voicemeeter to streamers and had them make it work via voice call or TeamViewer

I give it 1 or 2 major releases and this will be part of core OBS.

This plugin is a fucking game changer. Last build (24 hours ago) stopped working after 2 minutes, this one works perfectly. I am able to capture only my spotify while running youtube in the background, and anything else doesn't get captured. Highly recommend to any and all streamers of any sizes.
Holy mother of plugins, I can't believe it works! Amazing work, thanks for creating this. This was a long awaited feature, it will help so many people. Thanks.