Waveform 1.8.0

Mini update:
  • Fix rounded caps misaligned by 1 pixel
  • Add option to hide the graph when audio is silent
This one bundles up some user-requested features and minor tweaks.
There are now entirely too many options in the settings panel but here it is:
- Add circular display mode
- Add level meter display mode
- Add rounded bar caps
- Add option to capture OBS audio output bus (all active audio sources)
- Reduce minimum strength of gaussian filter to work better with bar graphs

The radial display is a transformation on the vertex shader so the 'width' will control the number of bars while the 'height' controls the diameter in this mode.
Bugfix release:
- Fix crash that can occur in certain configurations
- Fix potential installation issues
- Auto recapture audio sources that have been removed and re-added
- Fix crash when using audio configurations with more than 2 channels
- Fix name conflict with other plugins
- Add bar and "stepped" bar visualizers
- Minor performance improvements

Due to being renamed to avoid conflicts with other plugins, sources made with version 1.0.0 will no longer be recognized.
If you would like to preserve those sources you can edit your scene files in %appdata%/obs-studio/basic/scenes and replace occurrences of 'waveform_source' with 'phandasm_waveform_source'.
Apologies for the inconvenience.
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