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OBS Lua Visibility Timer 1.0

works perfect for what I want it. But I would like to have the option to start hide. I have a Source in a scene that I aplied the scrip and works perfect, but if I'm in other scene and whant to change to that scene (the one with the script) the source starts visible.
Any way to make the source start invisible?
It does what it should do, but doesn't affect the eye icon that we have in sources list, it just sets opacity to 0 / 100%, so transitions doesn't works. It just pop on and off instantly. PLEASE UPDATE.
This would be perfect if it reacted to the show/hide transitions you can set on sources. Sadly it just cuts hard away.
Does what it says it does.
Would love to see it transitions.
It does what it says on the tin.

However, it would be much better if you could have the timed event 'activate' or 'deactivate' a source OR a filter. This way source and/or filter transitions would be affected. For example the latest version of OBS has source transitions, in addition the plugin 'movetransitions' allows you to create a filter that can 'animate' other filters.
This does not what it was supposed to do, this should disable the visibility of the source, this only seems like its chanching its transparency to 100%.

I want to simulate clicking the eye of the source. this way a video can get closed and reopen at the very start when I click the eye again.
So far so good. Restarts of scene activation, timer works well. Outstanding!

For those having trouble in setup, I want help!

1. Place the script in - C:\Program Files\obs-studio\data\obs-plugins\frontend-tools\scripts

2. Inside OBS - go to 'tools' menu up on top bar then 'scripts'

3. Choose the mode

4. Select the source.

5. Set the timer in Duration (works for show or hide mode)

Then you may want to restart OBS, I didn't have to.
Click on another scene then the scene with the source and watch the magic work.

Note: I wanted different timings for different sources so I copied and renamed the script according to logical naming conventions, example - 'show_car_timer.lua' or 'hide_chair_timer.lua'

Good luck
Doesn't close change the visibility of any sources
Seems fine in its own terms, but doesn't really do what I want. It works by making a source 'visible' after a specified delay for a specified period of time. However, this is not 'visible' in the OBS sense, which has to do with activating/deactivating the source. As a result, a problem arises with dynamic graphics, like scrolling text.

So, for example, if you have a source that scrolls a block of text in from the bottom of the window and out of the top of the window that takes 5 seconds to complete, using the script with, say, a 10 second delay will result in nothing being shown (the text has already scrolled out of the window 5 seconds before the source was made 'visible').

What I would really like is an activation timer, rather than a 'visibility' timer.
With no install directions "Here or on youtube/google", no help to people asking the same thing I'm looking "How to install", this is junk software. I will update my rating if there is ever a way for people to install this.
Worked as advertised. It's like an HTML blink tag with the option to start off/on, show once or keep blinking with times you can specify. The script is applicable for a single graphic or text source. If that source is shared across scenes, the timer continues showing and hiding on the same timing.
Not doing what was specified. Also, it would be nice to be able to add multiple actions/sources. What I need is to start with showing one source and then after some time hide that and show another. And then continue doing that for about 20 sources. After source 20 I want to go back to the first source.
Nothing happens when the script is loaded in OBS Studio 21.1.0
Perfect for displaying messages or other sources on a timer
cool keep them coming! Let me learn! :)