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Non-Free Virtual Sets for OBS Studio 2021-09-04

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What is a Virtual Set?
  • A virtual set or a virtual studio is a simulated television studio that allows to create virtual events by the real-time combination of people and other real objects with computer-generated 3D environments.
Video demonstration:

What can you do with a Virtual Set?
  • Using virtual sets, you get a simple and affordable opportunity to create professional-grade video content without the use of expensive hardware and software. It is enough to have consumer-grade hardware which is available to everyone
  • You can create various virtual events such as: presentations, performances, concerts, video conferences and any other
  • You can record your virtual events or stream them to social platforms such as: Zoom, Tiktok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and any other
  • You can make video calls with remote speakers inside of a virtual set using various platforms such as: Zoom, Skype, What's App, Telegram, SRT, NDI and any other
What features does a Virtual Set have?
  • A high quality virtual environment that lets you quickly and easily create quality video content
  • A dedicated spot to place your green screen actor
  • A number of dedicated spots for various media sources
    • Displays/Monitors - put a video, a remote speaker, a presentation or any other media content on a virtual screen
    • Billboards - use any images to give your virtual set a thematic look
    • Logos - show your channel or company Logo to your audience
    • Backgrounds - change the look of your virtual set with a single image or video
What do you need to use a Virtual Set?
  • A green screen setup where you'll film your actor
  • A video camera to record your actor
  • A computer with OBS Studio installed on it
  • A SteamFX plugin for OBS Studio
  • A reliable internet connection to stream your video content in real time
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