View False Color in OBS...

View False Color in OBS...

View false color (colour for non-US people) in OBS, when setting up lighting, using a webcam or connected camera. You will need to feel comfortable with adding a camera to OBS and how to add video filters before proceeding.

What is false color and why is it helpful?

Have a look here:

As mentioned in the video, false color makes it very easy to set skin brightness levels when lighting people or a scene, as well as match brightness levels to existing media. False color is available on some cameras and video monitors. If you're like me however and just have a budget cam with neither, this method is helpful.

What equipment do I need?

I used a Canon M50 as a webcam, using Canon's new webcam software. You can use any camera that can do similar, connected as a webcam or through a capture card.

How do I set it up?

It's really easy. To start, we need a false color LUT. You can find then online. Alternatively, you can use one I prepared earlier.

(this was created using False Color 3, which allows a more detailed set of false color features in various video editors and vfx applications, and allow you to export your own LUTs if you want to edit the ranges)

Here's a scale for this particular LUT.

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 5.27.36 pm.png

Once your camera has been added to OBS, add a LUT filter to your camera. And, that's it! You can now view standard false color in OBS.

This seems too simple. Why did you make a guide for this?

Googling around, it looks as though no one has thought about this. It's very simple, but it's super helpful when trying to set brightness levels accurately. I thought I might need an OpenFX plugin to make this work (currently unsupported by OBS) but this method works just fine.
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