Vicaption Camera — Enhance your live streams

Free Vicaption Camera — Enhance your live streams 0.9.1

Building an augmented reality app that creates entertainment experiences for live streaming.

Pre-built masks,
Easy integration,
High performance.

Feel free to post in this thread or whatever the reason is, drop a line here —


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Latest updates

  1. 0.9.1 - Minor improvements and fixes

    0.9.1: Minor fixes We appreciate your feedback, please write down in comments what you are...
  2. 0.9.0 - Vicaption platform release!

    0.9.0: Vicaption platform release! ( App UI moved to a new website...
  3. 0.6.1 - better logging and fix

    0.6.1: Better logging Attempt to fix green / orange / black camera We appreciate your...

Latest reviews

it should be more clear that you are connecting to a cloud service, which is requiring more resources for connection and zero personal control of information, in most cases, so this raises some serious red flags for me, both due to how it is done, and due to it not being clear, with the "download" when it should read "connect to" in the button, which is probably an issue OBS should address adding first, but the poster needs to make that clear, in the description, which is not at least to me.
Not bad thing, should be useful for deep immersion into the game
Amazing, make more masks!!
i have never seen the most useful tools for me
How do I install program to a specific dir?

BTW new masks is amazing, especially Clooney xD
Good job! Want more masks but it is amazing!