Vicaption Camera — Enhance your live streams

Free Vicaption Camera — Enhance your live streams 0.9.0

Building an augmented reality app that creates entertainment experiences for live streaming.

Pre-built masks,
Easy integration,
High performance.

Feel free to post in this thread or whatever the reason is, drop a line here —

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Latest updates

  1. 0.9.0 - Vicaption platform release!

    0.9.0: Vicaption platform release! ( App UI moved to a new website...
  2. 0.6.1 - better logging and fix

    0.6.1: Better logging Attempt to fix green / orange / black camera We appreciate your...
  3. 0.6.0 - added new mask and fixes

    0.6.0: Add 1 new face mask! (empty face) Fix: left eye distortion We appreciate your feedback...

Latest reviews

Not bad thing, should be useful for deep immersion into the game
Amazing, make more masks!!
i have never seen the most useful tools for me
How do I install program to a specific dir?

BTW new masks is amazing, especially Clooney xD
Good job! Want more masks but it is amazing!