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Use NVIDIA RTX Voice noise removal with GeForce GTX 1000, 1600 series cards on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

The instructions below are known to work with the following software configurations:
OBS Studio version 26.1.2-g346e268a3 (nightly release dated 17th Mar 2021)
Windows 7 SP1 64-bit, NVIDIA driver version 445.75 "Game Ready"
Windows 10
2004 64-bit, NVIDIA driver version 456.38 "Studio"
NVIDIA Audio Effects SDK 0.5.4 for Turing (20-series-nvidia-audio-effects-sdk-v0.5.4-turing.exe)
I cannot guarantee the instructions will keep working for newer NVIDIA software versions - they already patched the "bug" that caused RTX Voice to work on 1000 and 1600 series cards, and I fully expect them to "fix" this, too. For that reason, I'm offering download mirrors and/or direct links for the required software:

OBS Studio version 26.1.2-g346e268a3 or newer
If you're reading this when OBS Studio version 27.0 already came out, you can use the latest release version. Until then, I recommend getting the latest nightly version that can be obtained by joining the Discord. If you just want a download link to sate your curiosity, here it is:

NVIDIA Audio Effects SDK 0.5.4 for Turing (this will work on 1000 and 1600 series cards. Might need the 3000 series version if you have a 3000 series card.)
Official download:

NVIDIA graphics card drivers:
445.75 Game Ready Windows 7:
456.38 Studio Windows 10:
Newer driver versions generally should work, but if they don't, let me (Nakajima Megumi#7432 on the obsproject Discord) know, and I'll add a note here.


Run OBS Studio, and go Help > Log Files > View Current Log > Open file. Press Ctrl+F and search the log file for "noise suppress" without quotes. If you see the following:
[noise suppress: 'Noise Suppression'] NVAFX redist is not installed.
That means you have the required OBS Studio version but haven't installed AFSDK yet. Run the installer (20-series-nvidia-audio-effects-sdk-v0.5.4-turing.exe) and follow its instructions, then restart OBS Studio and open your latest log file again.
If you see the following:
[noise suppress: Nvidia RTX denoiser enabled]
That means you can use the denoise filter. You can access it the same way as the rest of denoise filters - right-click any audio source in the audio mixer, click Filters, add a new Noise Suppression filter, and select NVIDIA Noise Removal.

If you searched the log file for "noise suppress" and found 0 hits, your OBS Studio version is too old. Since it's pre-release at the time of this guide's writing, you will need the latest nightly build. Visit the obsproject Discord server to find the latest nightly build.
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