"Updated" YouTube Chat-Room Captures

"Updated" YouTube Chat-Room Captures

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  1. [Updates] YouTube Chat-Room Captures

    Hello everyone, Since YouTube update the chat, my tutorial and CSS code no longer work. I'm not...

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Where do I put the css code!!!!!
excellent, but can add some one code for Hide comands ! and mute some users like bots, tks
Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you soooo much for creating this!
This is exactly what I've been looking for my Youtube streams but there's one way that could make this better...... is it possible to merge both the Twitch and Youtube Kappachat into one chat? That would be amazing
I registered just to rate this. Nice job
I love this plugin. But I can't get my background to go transparent. I keep seeing the white box. How can I fix this?
This works great. Awesome solution, thank you.
Nice plugin!Can you make this into a Mac version?
Yeah! If you are using OBS multiplatform and installed Browser Plugin for it,
you can use this like in CLR browser on Windows.