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TwitchTimer is a free highly customizable countdown timer filled with animations that allows you to sync subscribers, followers and donations (from streamlabs) to increase/decrease the time.
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I really love this tool! Is perfect when i do a marathon.
You can decide to choose if you want to increase timer with donations or subs, and this is nice because a lot of people want to support you!
There are a lot of clock's customization too, and so you can decide animation when someone follow/donate/sub and you can change colors, background animation and a lot of more feature!
It's so complete and the creator is really a good guy, he helps you if you have a problem and he's always open to new ideas and suggestions!

I recommend it to everybody!
I like it, I use for other streaming besides Twitch so I haven't tried all it's features. Only issues are that I've had troubles figuring out exactly what some things do, but with trial and error it's not too difficult. Also there is a delay between the site and the timer url and can be frustrating if you're wanting it to update faster.
Happy that you like it, the newer version will be way more streamlined!