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Free [TWITCH] Widget Top Combo Emote (Twitch/BetterTTV/FFZ/SevenTV)

> Fixed FFZ emotes, now working fine.
> Fixed performance loading.
> Added config "space fix".
If you have a animation in-during-out (like "animate__bounce" in during), is possible than you see cutted image up (out of bounds), use this config to add a space fix to make the image down and be visible.
> Fixed some loading times.
New page, you can create 5 max. different combo widgets for your different's scene's.
What news:
> Secure Login with Twitch (Check Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy).
> New interface and functions
> Selectable animations in-during-out combo.
> URL shorter
> Share your widget to another people
> Now, you can reload your config in OBS during livestream with the command chat " !ce reload " (Don't need reload cache).
> New protocol, more performance.
> Bugs fixed's from old website.
> Now you can import from your old URL:


  • Added new animation when combo enters, stay, and leaves (In the next future update you can change animation)
  • Now the fonts load's dinamic.
  • Bug: Twitch Global Emotes shows wrongly emote to start (FIXED)
  • Working in new widget functionality is coming (V2.2).
If you want to use combo emotes widget with your's suscribers emotes, submit your channel to TwitchEmotes, you only need to submit your CHANNEL NAME, and the api can share your suscribers emotes to the widget and can be used.
This submit can take effect next 24 hours approx (probably less).
  • Added "style to display" config, you can now use 3 different styles (Default: x[Counter] [Image Emote] combo!)!
  • Added "font" config, you can now use 6 different font's to text (Default: Arial)!
  • Added visual preview in generator (only to show the font and style to display)
  • Added "text align" config, you can now set the text align to Top, Middle or Button (Default: Middle)!
  • Fixed bug that made some emotes (Like BTTV emote "OMEGALUL") was taken as LUL!
  • Fixed bug with default emotes with characters specials (":D" ":-D") dont take counter on started emote!