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Twitch Switcher 1.15

Added a check to make sure you aren't going over Twitch's 140 character title limit. It will currently take your first 140 characters.

Update is only necessary if you're using unusually long title names and want it to trim them to valid lengths.
MistaFist realized that I wasn't doing any checks on whether or not the token was valid for changing channel names, only that it was valid in general. A token with permissions like chat_login might eventually crash the plugin. Added checks and if you don't have a valid channel_editor token it will tell you where to get one.

This update won't do you any good if yours is already up and running.
Added some checks that might prevent crashes for some people.

Also made the default behavior on startup to change Twitch info to your currently selected scene. (fixes
Sorry for two short updates, I didn't think I'd be able to fix it this quickly.

Fixed "without any modification, prompts asking to apply changes, every time"
Found an issue that caused a division by zero crash with the help of Oni.
  • Added a field to be able to manually set your Stream Title and Game for a brief time (will be overwritten if you switch scenes that match).
  • If you have more than one of the same scene, it will automatically randomly pick one of them as your stream title.
  • Improved checks to make sure Twitch gets updated.
  • Improved logging for debug purposes.
  • Released source code.

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Added x64 version.