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TwAlert 2014-04-27

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Hello folks,

after a week of work I would like to give out a first version of my OBS Plugin "TwAlert".

In the current version, you set in the Settings a Twitch Channel and a Update Interval and it will
grab from the API your last follower. There are more settings/possibilities to come, like grabing
latest Subscribers and such stuff.

You can find the GIT Repo here, feel free to browse through the Sourcecode and give me some feedback,
since this is my first C++ Project in general. I used as template the SceneSwitcher from Chris84 - thanks a lot for providing the source code, helped me a lot, and also thanks to Jim- and the OBS IRC for the whole help.

You can find it here:

A Screenshot of an example run I attached to the Forum Post, additionally the DLL which was compiled
for the current testing - which is v0.60 TB6 32Bit in my case.

I would be happy for some feedback, since this is my first Plugin.

Best Regards,
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