Full featured live scoring basketball program with optional new scorebug that works great in OBS and provides a running clock, scores, fouls, bonus, timeouts and even can display live player stats updates. This application is the lite version of TurboStats but it also works with our full scoring shot chart application as well. Also supports a 5 player, in-game stat grid that can be added as an overlay as well.

1. Start TurboStats and turn on the OBS Scorebug option
2. When the window loads, resize it to the size and scale you want
3. In OBS add a Windows Capture source
4. for Window: choose [BASKET32.EXE]:ScoreWidget
5. for Method choose Windows Graphics Capture (Windows 10)
6. For Window Match Priority choose Window title must match
7. Leave Client Area checked
8. Place it on the Canvas and resize it as needed. It doesn't need any chroma key filters
9. If you have the live stats option on in TurboStats, leave enough room under the scorebar for the stat window to open.
10. Stat window opens after each made basket and closes for other stats to give it a professional look
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