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TuneOut is an AppleScript application that saves the currently playing iTunes, Spotify, Nightbot or Moobot track's information to a file (~/Library/Application Support/TuneOut/np.txt, specifically). This might be useful if you use an application like OBS to stream live video and want to incorporate your currently playing song on the display.

How to use
  1. Download the latest version of TuneOut.app from the project's releases page and unzip the file.
  2. Double-click the .app file. (Depending on your Gatekeeper settings, you may have to right-click the .app file and click "Open".)
  3. Point your OBS text-as-file location to ~/Library/Application Support/TuneOut/np.txt, where ~ consists of your User folder (usually /Users/{your user name here}).
  4. For iTunes cover art support, point your OBS image location to ~/Library/Application Support/TuneOut/art.png.
  5. There is no step five!
To dzomb who wrote the original version of this script and to wildgift for getting me to write this.

Additional thanks to Christopher T. Howlett for the royalty-free tuning fork shape used in our icon.
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Latest updates

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    This version has preliminary support for using Nightbot and Moobot with Google Chrome. Please...