Old format options will now be converted to the new options (i.e. any output using %t will be converted to {title} etc.)
The dialog now also warns users if they are using the old options.
Also fixed the "remove file extension" option not working.
Completely overhauled the formatting system. Now uses full variable
names like {title} or {TITLE}. Added extra options for VLC since VLC
apparently uses a bunch of custom metadata types.

Also changed some things in the JSON representation of the song. It
should now contain all info that is available.

Fixed progress bar jumping around. The progress bar now smoothly moves
using the frame time and gradually speeds up or slows down if it is
behind/ahead of the actual song position.

Because this release changed a bunch of things there's a chance that something broke,
if that's the case you can always use the previous release and create an issue on gitea.
If enabled tuna will download missing covers from itunes.apple.com
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  • Fixed token termination not being saved correctly
  • Fixed token refresh using wrong data type for expiry
  • Changed git link url
  • Fixed promises for spotify not being deleted
  • Updated Spanish translation
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Added option to choose VLC sources per scene and scene collection
Added IceCast support
Added Simplified Chinese translation curtesey of @Cyame
Added pretzel.rocks support curtesey of @mihawk90
Fixed "Remove file extension" option
Fixed memory leak and crash with vlc source
Fixed issues with progress bar source when vlc source was hidden
Fixed crash when retrieving spotify token
Spotify token is now asynchronous so it won't freeze the gui anymore
Fixed cover retrieval for last.fm
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Fixed Qt issues with 27.0.0 and added some translations
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Fixed Google Play Music Client on Windows not finding the song information
Added Web browser source, which allows retrieval of song information through a tampermonkey script. This currently only supports soundcloud and the spotify web player, but it can technically work with any browser music player.
Added the option to host song information locally as a JSON file, which can be accessed by the browser source.
Ships with an example HTML file in the data folder utilizing the new feature.
If you experience issues, you can always downgrade to a previous release here.
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There were some issues with 1.5.0, which I hope I addressed all with this release, but if you still experience problems, you can open a github issue. Make sure to include your obs studio log, also you can always downgrade to the previous release here, just scroll down.