I noticed a bug with the Windows Installer version (as anonymous1342 stated), and submitted the issue on github. If you're reading this: do Not download the installer - download the zip version, and extract it into your obs folder, until the bug is fixed in the installer.
Apple Music for Windows support would be nice. It works using WMC but will not display artist or album names even though it doesn't say they aren't supported. Also if there's no artwork for a song, it just keeps the previous song's artwork (and sometimes it doesn't change even if there is artwork).
After countless attempts of installing and reinstalling and following several guides, I'll have to rate it 1 star because no matter what I try, it just won't show up in the "Tools" menu.
I don't want to leave a 2 star because this program seems to be everything I'm looking for, The problem is I'm having issues with getting it set up. I've tried following the tutorials but it seems no matter what I try, my music player (using Windows but will be moving the Linux soon) is just not being recognized by Tuna. If I could get some further assistance with this it would be greatly appreciated!
What player are you using?
I'm sorry to leave such a negative review but I feel like I'm going crazy - I have the exact version of YTMD that's linked in the notes, I've checked the box for the Tuna plugin and restarted, Tuna is running in OBS... but I cannot figure out what I'm expected to do next to actually make it work and anything I try seems to throw an error. Since there is zero documentation anywhere, I'm at a loss as to how I'm supposed to make it function... I'm sure this works great if it could be explained anywhere how to actually set it up or use it!
Did you follow these steps? ("Setting up the different music sources and displaying their information in OBS" > "Youtube Music")
1.Click on "Tools" at the top of the obs window
2.Select "Tuna settings"
3.Select "Web browser" as the music source
4.Make sure that "Host/receive infromation on local webserver with port:" is checked
5.Enable the tuna plugin in the youtube music application
It works excellent! Thank you so much to developer. Im just curious, if there's any way to show the next song's title for example, if i use a vlc player?
I am leaving a 1 star rating because DEV didn't include instructions for spotify text file format. you wasted an hour of my morning assuming we're all IT pros
It is a little confusing to setup but it works really well once you get everything setup. The only thing I wish is it had more data fields it pulled from. I'd like to be able to use Subtitle and Group Description to make the display the way I want it to. Keep up the great work!
This is not working at all...
First off: My source is VLC but it is NOT a video and it is NOT local .mp3 files hat VLC is playing. It is a radiostreaming service!
Opening up VLCs Media Info UI, it is clearly showing both a "Title" and "Now Playing" correctly so the information is obviously there to be rabed by Tuna but within Tunas settings -> VLC - there is absolutely nothing showin up in the "Source" list even tho VLC is running and playing.
Selecting the scene where VLC is actually at, still does not allow me to pick a "Source" because there is nothing there no matter how many times I try refreshing it.

I am using Windows 11 Pro, OBS 29.1.3 and VLC 3.0.19. with a skin since everyone hates glaring white UI eements...
Is the source inside a group? That usually causes issues.
Great, works well on OBS.
Using file name it pops through on screen with the file name, removing the extension. Giving me a custom name to display.
The user interface is a bit clunky but works.
Run into 1 issue. When using on a nested scenes in OBS, the txt file would stop updating resulting in song name not being displayed. The music would play fine.
I only tested it with VLC sources, on linux, it works, outputs title, progress and duration of the video.

I would like to see more entries available in the output, I used the {json_formatted} on videos and there are not entries for the path or the filename, I had to fill the title entry of all videos with the filename, I made a script for it, but still. I would like to see different settings for each scene collection or profile, for multistreaming purposes.
Hello, I have problems with universallp tuna, it does not appear, I put it in the folder correctly in C:/program files/obs-studio and I put it there to update tuna but it no longer appears
Hey Looks Great
i would really appreciate if you would make it for Tidal as well.
Need Help, Awesome Plugin but I can't find the txt. file anywhere to add the song name and lyrics where would it end up at after the intall on windows
The paths for the output files have to be configured by you.
So far working great with vlc source, very easy to use and to understand.
I have a suggestion though.
I'm using multiple playlists on a single vlc source. You can go to the next or to the preview playlist via hotkeys but would be awsome to be able to have a hotkey for each playlist.
I can't make this sh*t to work. I already followed your steps, watched tutorials and nothing. This piece of cr*p isn't working. I tried to choose a source for the vcl and the only thing it says its "source or scene are no longer valid!", and it just doesn't let me anything as a source. What a piece of bull...
I need a little more info than that. What does the scene setup look like? Are the sources nested in a group or a nested scene? Did you delete the vlc source?
Hope to adapt to Kugou Music, QQ Music, Netease Cloud Music, Kuwo Music, China really needs this plug-in
Worked great. showed titles, artists, artwork, filters, walla. Worked great.
This plugin is execlent but it's possible add a track number of song on playlist?
Excellent, customizable and reliable plugin. Have been using for years.