Hello, I have problems with universallp tuna, it does not appear, I put it in the folder correctly in C:/program files/obs-studio and I put it there to update tuna but it no longer appears
Hey Looks Great
i would really appreciate if you would make it for Tidal as well.
Need Help, Awesome Plugin but I can't find the txt. file anywhere to add the song name and lyrics where would it end up at after the intall on windows
The paths for the output files have to be configured by you.
So far working great with vlc source, very easy to use and to understand.
I have a suggestion though.
I'm using multiple playlists on a single vlc source. You can go to the next or to the preview playlist via hotkeys but would be awsome to be able to have a hotkey for each playlist.
I can't make this sh*t to work. I already followed your steps, watched tutorials and nothing. This piece of cr*p isn't working. I tried to choose a source for the vcl and the only thing it says its "source or scene are no longer valid!", and it just doesn't let me anything as a source. What a piece of bull...
I need a little more info than that. What does the scene setup look like? Are the sources nested in a group or a nested scene? Did you delete the vlc source?
Hope to adapt to Kugou Music, QQ Music, Netease Cloud Music, Kuwo Music, China really needs this plug-in
Worked great. showed titles, artists, artwork, filters, walla. Worked great.
This plugin is execlent but it's possible add a track number of song on playlist?
Excellent, customizable and reliable plugin. Have been using for years.

I don't understand why it always happens after updating the plugin or OBS that some images are simply not displayed correctly or are not enlarged at all. Without updating the plugin or OBS you can jump so much and fast through the titles without having the slightest problem with the cover. But as soon as you update the plugin or OBS, every now and then the plugin doesn't feel like displaying the cover properly.
Hello universallp I have problems I can't see the file I created for the name of the music I can't enlarge it
I have problems I do not see the title or the title of the artist, only title and artists appear
It depends on what song source you are using and whether you have setup the outputs correctly.
Promising plugin apart from the fact that the Album Icon resizing each time a new song is playing and the delay updating info that bugs me.

Any suggestions or fixes I might not be aware of?
Setting the bounding box type of the image source will correctly resize the cover art. The delay is usually because Spotify limits the amount of requests that can be sent. Nothing I can do about that, you'll have to register your own Spotify app.
Very good plugin, what I would still be missing for 5 stars, would be, if the textbox in which the title is, is smaller than the title is long, the title would move in an animation. So that it runs through again and again, so that you can read it completely.
Configuration options are nice, but the plugin frequently stops displaying Spotify info despite showing that the plugin is connected and running. Album art is also inconsistently sized when using Spotify. I originally thought these issues were due to a conflicting connection caused by using Elgato Streamdeck Spotify controls, but avoiding the use of these controls has not resolved the issue.
The plugin is really more practical than what already exists and mixed with the Spectralizer plugin the visual experience is really satisfying. Unfortunately, when no sound is played, a square that is not very graphic appears. Would it be possible to hide it or choose a custom image?
If you're talking about the question mark image, see "How do I change the placeholder cover?" on the plugin page
Any plans on including Deezer in the supported apps?
Maybe once deezer has an API that allows for it. Otherwise you can already use it via the web player.
Best plugin for "now playing"
Widely configurable and easy to use.
it's really good but for some reason it won't show the cover art when playing from SoundCloud. otherwise it's a 10/10
( TUNA Feature Request) Music information from a txt

Hello, after some time looking for a resource I came to your script, and it is very good, really promising, but I use the streamlabs chat bot to make my music requests and it saves a txt file with the title of the song that is playing , what I would need is for your script to capture the title of the song and display the cover art , and just that, is there a possibility to add this feature? I am grateful in advance for taking the time to read this request.