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Free Trotbot Online: Remote Bot Service alpha 2


alpha 2 - unstable

UPDATE - Jan. 10th

The last server version is very unstable and can cause deadlocks which prevent further chat bot instances, possibly even crashing the program. This problem was made known after the latest release. In the near future the server will receive a patch.

While the Trotbot chat bot theme has gone through three variations, this being the third, to make a format that simply connected this existing Twitch bot account to a channel was something that was initially designed last year -- in 2019 -- this being version 1.0 of that theme.

This is for Twitch broadcasters, streamers, chat moderators of the sort that do not have a localized bot for their channel and would like to get a chat bot running. What the premise of this version is basically comes down to performing vanilla and, eventually, custom script functions for the user. Functions such as chat commands, quotes, and timed messages come as pre-loaded options, while more advanced things can be submitted and requested.

Here is the current application formatted to display the most basic functions in its current state.

image 1

Eventually this format will be moved into a web portal if you would prefer to wait for that rendition and do not want to bother with client-side programs.

  • Trotbot Twitch bot account to join your channel
  • Chat features in the form of loadable extensions
    • User submitted extensions will be possible
  • Vanilla features as seen in image 1
    • Commands v2 extension loaded as default
Tentative 1.0b Release Date
February 2021

Master server IP address:
Replace the line in remote_ip.ini with this to connect.
UPDATE: Latest information

If you would like to assist in this project's current testing phase send an email to:
prefect | circleprefect | com.
First release
Last update
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