Time Warp Scan

Time Warp Scan 0.1.7

the plugin was excellent the scanner was a bit bad but exeldro this plugin is very well done even though the scanner is bad
hey all. LOVE THIS PLUGIN. is there a working version for Mac obs 28?
only not yet for arm mac
Another great filter from Exeldro. This is a cool effect with a few options from Speed, Colour, Line Thickness, Rotation and more!
Would be nice if the scan thickness could be changed but still great filter
This one should come with a warning for the hours of time you'll waste having fun with it.
I'm gonna use this on my stream. Might as well use this forum for easy PR: https://www.twitch.tv/lewdpain
Exeldro has done it again.
Thank you for taking on this commission! The plugin is fantastic and the results right now are amazing!
Another incredible, creative plugin from the master himself! I have some great ideas for this!
See how I become a Christmas tree! Hahaha