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The latest Update for Youtube Gaming Chat like twitch

Youtube Chat like twitch

Hello I'm Wholy and I use OBS multiplatform for my live stream, but there is a issue when you use old OBS that is about the fonts, you can change it on line 27.

Here you are the Youtube chat like twitch :D

Step by step:

  1. Make sure that you have your Url Youtube Chat
    2016-01-25 (5).png
  2. Add your link in CLR browser:
    2016-01-25 (2).png

  3. Copy the CSS code youtubechatliketwitch.css into CSS box (OBS). As a result, It will change into this:
    2016-01-25 (1).png

  4. Magic! the chat is like nightdev twitch chat:
    2016-01-25 (3).png

    2016-01-25 (4).png

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