Text (GDI+) With Templates

Text (GDI+) With Templates 1.2.2

Sometimes there was only 1 new line, but sometimes there were more than one and that lead to issues.
corrected tag for bug fix release
Right after publishing v1.2.0, I found that if I changed anything in my scene collection that the variable definitions were lost. This should fix that.
You can now do:

{{#if dj4name}} {{dj4name}} {{#if dj4twitch}}- {{dj4twitch}}@twitch{{/if dj4twitch}}{{/if dj4name}}

And, if dj4name is defined, it'll try to render

{{dj4name}} {{#if dj4twitch}}- {{dj4twitch}}@twitch{{/if dj4twitch}}

And, then if dj4twitch is defined it will render:

{{dj4name}} - {{dj4twitch}}@twitch

but of course with {{dj4name}} and {{dj4twitch}} substituted with whatever they are defined to. Of course, they don't need to be nested, I just wanted to show a more complex example.

There is also a better fix for the variable name labels on the variable definition dialog.
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