Teleport 0.6.1

  • Output properties now only updates after "Ok" is clicked.
  • Filter properties defer updates until "Apply" is clicked.
  • Both points above prevent short lived stream names when typing a custom identifier.
  • Fixed a potential deadlock when output is being stopped.
  • "Ignore timestamps" option is removed. Some timestamp work is supposed to be done in a future update.
  • Fixed some issues when source was not active.
  • In several areas improve the behavior in case of unexpected behavior. Trying to recover the stream instead of quitting the OBS process.
  • Changed the network sending method to ensure only complete data is transmitted per chunk.
  • Reduce throttle timers to 100 ms. UI should be more responsive by that.
  • Try to better indicate that upon source creation you will have to refresh the stream list manually.
  • Fix a crash when OBS output mode was changed without restarting OBS.
  • Removed video conversion for output (should allow to use whatever video format is set for output)
  • Removed audio conversion for output (should allow to use whatever audio format is set for output)
  • Added video/audio filter feature *
  • Added audio only filter feature
* Note that this is an video/audio filter, not an effect filter. So this may not be what you are looking for - but maybe it works for your use case nonetheless.

Note that the internal protocol has changed and is incompatible with previous versions. So all instances should be updated.
  • Added a "Refresh List" button to the source to update the list of detected Teleport streams.
  • When the source is not active, do not decode and push data into OBS (network traffic will continue).