Free TeeBoard v0.1.5 beta

Can't authorize with twitch. Comes up with a wrong webpage error. Great job keeping this updated over the past 4 years...........................
I can't sign in! It shows twitch unknown page!!!
Amazing tool! I would highly recommend this little tool to every streamer as it works great, and the developer does a hell of a job keeping it up to date. So great! Can't wait to see future updates!
No txt file for countdown
Great tools! One thing that I have a problem with is the giveaway widget. Has it been implemented yet? Mines is grey'd out and when I open the HTML it's blank (white). Thank you for your work :D!
The Giveaway widgets isn't implemented yet.. sorry. Work in progress.
Very useful tool with multiple functions! Made a video on how to set up the follower notification for you as a streamer. It's pretty easy to use.
Mainly needed this for some on-screen widgets in OBS. Unfortunately, it doesn't work as expected.

Example: I wanted to set up a stopwatch widget. Teeboard installs fine, CLR installs fine, OBS is able to read the HTML file for the countdown clock, and shows it in preview. However, no matter what I change the settings to in Teeboard, it only ever shows the default 3-minute orange countdown timer. No amount of fiddling, uninstalling/reinstalling, checking settings etc. fixed the problem, and there appear to be no resources to read up on for this issue, or similar ones.

I'm sure this works for someone, but not for me.
1. Read the docs
2. Use widget from the correct folder (click the folder icon at the top right)
Best and easiest Twitch tool by far! Give it a shot, I guarantee you'll love it!
WOW, love this...so handy and love the layout. Can't wait for it to be completed...donation incoming Sir!
Lots of handy tools. I like it!
Awesome piece of software! Love it!
Freaking love this app. Not only is it beautifully crafted, fast, and efficient, it also has among the best how-to for getting started YouTube playlists I have seen. Very well done, easy to understand and use!
This is the best 3rd party Twitch Dashboard tool I have seen so far! I just need to say.. that I love the UI and the fact that this tool has almost everything in one application. Keep up the good work! I'm looking forward for new updates!
Great tool and great documentation. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work.
Amazing tool! Everything works great! But I have one question, is it possible to add http://twitchalerts.com/ as a donation tracker? If so, It would be awesome if you could add it!
Doesn't look like they have an API available. I've sent them an email and asked if they plan on adding an API for 3rd parties.
Really awesome tool! Use it on every stream! Only issues i can see is that follower notifications can take a while to come through and people can unfollow and refollow causing the alert to sound again
People that have followed during a session are "blacklisted" and are not shown again during that session.
very cool tool. once i know how to use it. it is easy after i watch ur video. n8ce replacement of dashboard lite
Great program love it cant wait for more.......
I love this tool. This will certainly help me with streaming and I can imagine this will only get better with time!
Recently found Teeboard and fell in love with it, awesome streaming tool! Thanks for all the work you put into this!