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TeamSpeak 3 Studio Plugin 1.3.0

Update build for OBS 28. There has been almost no testing of functionality due to current lack of access to TS3 and inclination to thoroughly test it (as I don't stream or use TS3 anymore). Assuming noting very weird has happened, it should work fine as it is just a re-build, not re-write.
Personally, I considered it to be a feature demonstrating the fallibility of man. An expression if my innate, and perfectly natural, inability to be perfect. Alas, others disagreed so I fixed it and dedicated an entire update to rectifying the error. Curiously, it's fixing the label for a feature that is still unimplemented. Take that as you will.
Fixed the "Show/Hide" buttons in Tools->Teamspeak 3 Settings. Pressing these buttons now toggles the associated text input between password and plane text modes.
Spaces can now be used in the modifier and work.
Fixed a crash when starting to stream/record when the modifier was as long as, or longer than, your TS3 name.
Fixed names not showing when "Only Show Speakers" was selected

The Show buttons still don't do anything...
I've basically gone back and rewritten the entire plugin. The way things work behind the scenes is different and there are some UI changes. The "Show" buttons don't do anything as I can't work out how to make them work.

The IP address, API Key, Unique ID, Prefix/Suffix options, Mute and Deafen option and "Change all Server" options are now found under Tools->TeamSpeak 3 Settings

The Settings for the overlay are therefore reduced in length. I've also added in the ability to change the Not Talking/Talking symbols. The "Hide Names After" currently does nothing as I'm not sure the best way to reimplement it.

There is still the bug that OBS can crash if you open TS3 before OBS.
Hopefully fixed the startup crash by making sure the front end API stuff exists before calling it.
The latest version of TS3's client query now requires an "API key" for the telnet connections (making connections more secure, I ask you...). The plugin has been revised to take this into account. You now have to include the API key for the plugin to work. In TS3, it is found under:

Tools -> Options -> Addons -> ClientQuery -> Settings -> API Key


Copy and past it into the correct box in the Properties for the plugin (TS3 API Client Query Key)

There are still issues with the plugin (it still leaks memory, won't connect to TS3 if it's launched after OBS).